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Why Choose BuyOpp  & REO 
1- & is the only all inclusive website designed to help sell all the banks, leasing companies and government assets. No private listings are allowed.
2- We sell at auction all assets from real estate, yachts, cars, furniture, electronics and all other assets that are off lease, repossessed, surplus, foreclosed, short sales, etc. Anything that needs to be sold we can handle.
3- & combines one of the largest and freshest databases of foreclosure listings direct from major banks, mortgage companies, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Government and more.
4- Our network of nationwide foreclosure real estate brokers supplies us with exclusive listings daily.
5- Our website is easy and friendly to use you can easily make a search and find your preferred REO or other asset.
6- We sell online as well as live auctions.
7- Our web sites and live auctions are designed and managed by former government auctioneer and popular Auction book author.
Buying a property at auction
Buying on Buy Opp. & REO Bank Property is the preferred market place for both buyers and sellers. Auction sales have proven to be the best way to sell any asset. Auctions allow the bidders to pay what they believe the property or asset is worth. Seeing and hearing live bids are powerful knowledge for any bidder Buyer should get ...
Selling a property at auction

The seller greatly benefits for several reasons:
1. There is never a fee unless a listing sells.
2. Buy Opp. & REO Bank Property and its affiliate sites are exclusive for Banks, Leasing Companies and Government agencies
3. Buy Opp. & REO Bank Property and its affiliate sites are the all inclusiv ...

Designed & developed by the well know authors and actual goverment auctioners


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